About the artist

Marysia Wąsik was born in 1987 in Tychy, Poland. She studied history of art and musicology (master degree) in Poznan, Poland.

She specialises in drawing and watercolor, and keeping an art-diary of all her travels. She travels most of the time on the bicycle and focuses on sketching visited places.

Marysia runs a facebook-art fanpage: Komiks z podróży

superior map
Stone beach of Lake superior and piece of a map we cycled

Currently travelling on Canary Islands.



room designer at Kulturrabazz jazz Festival in Dresden, Germany


Laureate of Tyski Bank Kultury art contest in the MCK Tychy, Poland for publishing an art book – ‘Sketchbook from the Middle East’


Exhibition in Gleis 1, Dresden
Platz fuer Freiraum

Walls and permament mural exhibition in Kukulida e.V., Dresden

Artist on 3000Grad Festival, Germany

Artist at Underwater beats Festival, Dresden Germany


Participant in Ice Masters II in Dresden – ice sculpture

Urban Europe in Dresden – street art workshop
Workshops in Dresden: upcycle for children in Kraszewski Museum,

Street nomadism tour-guides with creating hand-made maps of Dresden

Exhibition at ZukunftVisionen 2013 in Goerlitz [1-8.06.2013]





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