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about urban exploration

comic 5

beginning of third story

comic 6

Two short stories from comic about Dresden that I recently working on. Both of them about Poli and her friend Leo. Next time I’ll introduce you the last character, Messi 🙂 


some photos of the result of ice sculpturing during the Ice Masters II Project in Dresden. Nice photos of my kitschy heart-shaped waves by Michael Haimer

constant challenge

paint and collage on canvas.
It is a summary if hitchhiking adventures which brought me and my friends to hippie castle in south of France.
Summer 2012


sketches to comic, some places from Dresden, pictures, lonely people, so typical themes from my repertoire


sketching to contemporary music concert in dresden philharmonic


collage & quick sketch


double: collage & some autobiographical themes thinking.

die Wohnung saga

we all live in lines of buildings.

random street view

Loschwitz landscape

I don’t use photos to draw places, I’d rather make up kinda fictional landscape that I saw somewhere. This one is a variant on Elbe river landscape in Dresden, Loschwitz

Der Hecht

Have you ever paint your neighbourhood? Or an ordinary walk around your district? I drew a comic map of dresdner Hecht Viertel one day before moving out to another part of the city. It’a kind of symbolic comic-walk for me, so I can memorise places that I was passing by everyday for some months