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Recently, I’ve made a stencil with a city panorama. It has ca. 4 metres, I’ve used some photos of real building and improvised on them. It had a little crayon installation, so some children “helped” me later with colouring the city panorama 😉 Below you can see my work and children improving my stencil!

IMGP7605 20130614-BRN13-001

Recently, I exhibited some of my works in Goerlitz, border city between Germany and Poland. The exhibition and the festival took place in abandoned old  factory, a monumental industrial space, full of steampunk, weird machinery, rusted chains and metal stairs and levels. My major work was a wool installation set between 3 floors. I used four different kind of wool to underline the 3D layers of my work. It fits perfectly to industrial cage of ZuVi.

Have a look to the photos, check more artits from ZuVi festival here :


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