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I don’t paint that much. I don’t have an atelier for storing my works, nor steady place for gathering all the painting equipment, but at least it is easy to remember all the things I have painted so far. That is why I was so happy that two of my paintings found recently a new place in Cologne. This is how they look like in the new flat of Alex & Eliza.

Large scale painting done at 3000Grad in Germany,
Great fun, great place and people.

3000Grad video


Some work in the yard of an a friend’ apartament in Athens – still in progress.

imagecommissioned work done while visiting Dubai.

carton, recycle, collage, acrylic, marker.

Since one month I’m travelling trough Israel with my boyfriend. I try to capture one view or a story everyday. Below some samples from my art diary.
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I spent last week at 3000Grad Festival/ Germany.

Painted on plastic cover on fences, whole 12 meter.

Freestyle about my festival impressions.

It took me 2 whole days, incredible amount of acrylics.

Was great!



it is worth to paint for such a moment!

after painting session party

Dresden, 2104

Mural in interior of a Culture Community House, eye with a look on the stage

4 days of work, 100% of fun.

Now I’m empty, have to recharge my battery on some summer festival 😉