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This small sketch was made from above Girne or Kyrenie on Cyprus from where we went on a hike to St Hillarion Castle. Lovely places, view over Mediterranean, long coastal panorama and even a glimpse over Turkish coast.

I don’t paint that much. I don’t have an atelier for storing my works, nor steady place for gathering all the painting equipment, but at least it is easy to remember all the things I have painted so far. That is why I was so happy that two of my paintings found recently a new place in Cologne. This is how they look like in the new flat of Alex & Eliza.

Summer is already over as well as the festival time in Europe.
At least I can still enjoy the video from the Subwater Beats Festival where I did great installations and decorations.
Have a look how beautiful it looked in the light.

i had a dreamink & fineliner at the songwriters concert in Dresden

sky painting

check it out, amazing idea by  Thomas Lamandieu


detailed work like this looks nice, despite it’s so time consuming.
Day 3 and I’m still not in the middle of finishing the idea.
Anyway, FUN!

Although it was a really cold evening, we had a lot of fun while opening my street exhibition. Three illustrations were shown in a street Ukradena Galerie in Dresden, viewed to a random street audience for a week. Thanks to Gallery and warm support!



some photos from random working places