Sketchbook from the Middle East 

Sketchbook from the Middle East is my first published book. It contains drawings from my visits to five different countries – Israel & Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, EA and Oman. It tells the story of 6 months journey only through my art. There’s of course anecdotes in each chapter, but their role is to give context how I did the drawings and in which situation.

The book was released by Miejskie Centrum Kultury in Tychy, Poland as an appreciated project in their contest for youth talents.

You can purchase it on http://www.fb.com/tenkomiks



Long way to Iran and other hitchhiking stories

I started a travel comic book while hitchhiking from Germany to France with empty sketchbook. Three months later, sketchbook was full of stories – over 90 pages of text, more than 200 illustrations. It grew and grew and project itself look like a giant comic-odyssey which I try to edit to a form of an interesting book.

It’s about travelling through ten countries, buying car with barely known people and creating communities while being on the road. There are ecological villages, drinking in Bosnia, free French parties, revolution in Istanbul, romances or winter hitchhiking over 2000 km… and, of course, more adventures.

I’m looking forward to finish this travel diary and publish it one day. Below, some samples to enjoy!





Dresden Story is a comic project about a city of Dresden and its inhabitants. It shows adventures of three different characters.

Poli is a young travelling artist, who want to become famous city painter. She is new here and she is discovering the city and draws landscapes.
On the other hand, Messi lives here all his life. He’s a bum. He spends his days in collecting trash and empty bottles. He is well-known person in Neustadt, while in the evenings he makes street partys with his homeless friends.
Third character, who links stories of Poli and Messi togheter is… a ghost. The spirit of german dadist, Kurt Schwitters, came back on Earth, in order to finish his masterpiece, Merz.
All stories are happening in two districts of Dresden: Neustadt, young, lively and alternative and Altstadt, old, touristic with dead museums.