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At our Kulturrabazz jazz Festival happening in Dresden we prepared 2 ground floors of the big and old building. My responsibility was to prepare the basement rooms for after party shows. There are few niches, three small rooms and one big that always served as a bar.

All rooms are marked with old heating pipes so there’s already quite an industrial feeling. But the motto of the decoration was for us : jungle.

I decided to focus on walls that were mostly whitish but dirty and establish cactus flora as my basement theme.
One corridor with a niche got painted with cactuses in purple – blue. We sticked to the walls real size paper mache green cactus and styropor nopal cactuses. Other room that was black got redesigned for the dance floor. As on the stage and dance room light is very important I painted some abstract piece with cactuses with fluorescent acrylic colors. Effect with moving lights was splendid.

I was painting the same bar walls last December so for the last standing white wall I decided to invite a local artist Josephine Bunde and she has done fantastic stencil work jungle.
Also the toilet was repainted in Etno inspired black and white geometric patterns.

We created extra paper mache animal masks as the only wall decoration. In the corner covering stuff only entrance I put the old painting of mine that kind of fit the whole concept.

One room was an exhibition I mentioned a post before and one other stayed empty almost till festival. Because of lack of time we installed there…. Surreal mini golf played from all the material rests.


This small sketch was made from above Girne or Kyrenie on Cyprus from where we went on a hike to St Hillarion Castle. Lovely places, view over Mediterranean, long coastal panorama and even a glimpse over Turkish coast.