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Hi guys,

Last weeks I was busy with preparing special decorations and rooms design for a jazz festival, Kulturrabazz, in Dresden. As I got assigned to make the whole design of the basement rooms I got a lot of tiny rooms to fill with my creativity. The smallest room that once served as an display room became one more time a place for an exhibition, but this time it was my art pieces to be shown. I decided to exhibit 5 pieces inspired by cactus landscape from Tenerife. My partner decided to upcycle whatever he could find to build frames for the drawings and he did amazing job with old window frame. We created a cosy display room with sitting area.


This small sketch was made from above Girne or Kyrenie on Cyprus from where we went on a hike to St Hillarion Castle. Lovely places, view over Mediterranean, long coastal panorama and even a glimpse over Turkish coast.

I don’t paint that much. I don’t have an atelier for storing my works, nor steady place for gathering all the painting equipment, but at least it is easy to remember all the things I have painted so far. That is why I was so happy that two of my paintings found recently a new place in Cologne. This is how they look like in the new flat of Alex & Eliza.

imagecommissioned work done while visiting Dubai.

carton, recycle, collage, acrylic, marker.

I spent last week at 3000Grad Festival/ Germany.

Painted on plastic cover on fences, whole 12 meter.

Freestyle about my festival impressions.

It took me 2 whole days, incredible amount of acrylics.

Was great!


i had a dreamink & fineliner at the songwriters concert in Dresden

Dresden, 2104

Mural in interior of a Culture Community House, eye with a look on the stage

4 days of work, 100% of fun.

Now I’m empty, have to recharge my battery on some summer festival 😉


That’s how the whole chapter of my graphic novel look like.
I finished drawings and added text, now it’s time to scan them and edit, so it looks perfect!

The whole chapter is about picking grapes in France, making friends, parties and so on.

my lastest work, kind of comic view of dresden. I divided the city into areas of landscape, living districts, centre and industrial part. This piece is absolutely inspired by the view of Dresden, but actually I didn’t use too much views from a reality.

Paper 50x65cm, fineliners, markers, ink