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Hi guys,

Last weeks I was busy with preparing special decorations and rooms design for a jazz festival, Kulturrabazz, in Dresden. As I got assigned to make the whole design of the basement rooms I got a lot of tiny rooms to fill with my creativity. The smallest room that once served as an display room became one more time a place for an exhibition, but this time it was my art pieces to be shown. I decided to exhibit 5 pieces inspired by cactus landscape from Tenerife. My partner decided to upcycle whatever he could find to build frames for the drawings and he did amazing job with old window frame. We created a cosy display room with sitting area.


I´m in Mexico since December 2016. Together with Mo we cycled 1500 km from Cancun to San Cristobal de las Casas where we´re gathering power for the next adventures.

Here are my first impresions of Mexico put on paper.

As always my travel atelier is limited to Micron pens, few color fineliners and watercolors.

Hope you enjoy it!


On the 2nd of September I published my first book, ‘Sketches from the Middle East’.
It is a story of a travel in the Middle East. It is all drawn, so the reader has to re-interpret it by him/herself. Few anecdotes written in English and Polish are there as a clue how to read sketches.
The premiere was also successful – some photos from the event below.

Open Stage in Tychy [Poland] invited in June me to draw live while rock concert and later jam session. That was really great experience with my ‘models’ coming and checking if they can find themselves on the sketch.
Check out the gallery!!



i had a dreamink & fineliner at the songwriters concert in Dresden