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i had a dreamink & fineliner at the songwriters concert in Dresden

jojammin’ with jo

I was travelling with german people to Poland lately.
Here’s some sketches that I made during the trip, mosty made in the bus, on my knee


That’s how the whole chapter of my graphic novel look like.
I finished drawings and added text, now it’s time to scan them and edit, so it looks perfect!

The whole chapter is about picking grapes in France, making friends, parties and so on.


I skip doodles for a moment to catch up with my graphic novel about travelling.
Still lot of work to do.


detailed work like this looks nice, despite it’s so time consuming.
Day 3 and I’m still not in the middle of finishing the idea.
Anyway, FUN!

A2 ex
A2 excercise continues.
There’s a shaman at the bottom of the page.
It looks like he’s gonna dream about, well, utopia maybe

A2 excercise

doodle excercise on A2 paper.
I’m gonna draw all my favourite motives on one big piece of paper

LOST in istanbul