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Here are some photos from a spectacular music festival and its preparations we have made this summer in Dresden. The motto for the art installation was underwater and all the sea life decorations were prepared to glow in the night.


I spent last week at 3000Grad Festival/ Germany.

Painted on plastic cover on fences, whole 12 meter.

Freestyle about my festival impressions.

It took me 2 whole days, incredible amount of acrylics.

Was great!


It is always better to spend time surrounded by nature. It is green although abstract, it’s not a forest, but rather gloomy bar.


Check out some photos of my latest project. The abstract tree that I have painted is a new interior in a Dresden alternative bar. Simple geometric shapes of mural change the space in the room, cold, but lively colors contrast with dark green walls of the bar. Although abstract it still fits good to wooden bar furnitures.




Recently, I exhibited some of my works in Goerlitz, border city between Germany and Poland. The exhibition and the festival took place in abandoned old  factory, a monumental industrial space, full of steampunk, weird machinery, rusted chains and metal stairs and levels. My major work was a wool installation set between 3 floors. I used four different kind of wool to underline the 3D layers of my work. It fits perfectly to industrial cage of ZuVi.

Have a look to the photos, check more artits from ZuVi festival here :


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